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    Default Just wanting to talk to someone

    Wanting some opinions.
    DH and I have 6 kids between us aged 8-14. 4 are mine and 2 are his from previous relationships.
    Since we have been together we have always said no more and he had a vasectomy 2 years ago.
    Just this week though, I was late and had to do a preg test (it was negative), but it has got me genuinely considering another baby.

    DH isn’t completely against the idea, and although there will be a large age gap, I’m not sure that will be a bad thing, financially we could do it.

    I guess my biggest concern is around the vasectomy. Either he has a reversal and a another vasectomy after/ I get tubes tied, or we go IVF. I’m 34 and DH is 39, so we would probably be only wanting one more child, obviously if multiples occurred that wouldn’t matter.

    I guess what I’m wanting to know is, has anyone being in this situation, and gone through with it or not. Advice maybe, a talk down of the ovaries.

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    I know a couple who were in the same situation, one of them went thru IVF but that was the suggestion of their FS. They had kids from previous relationships too then had two more of their own and now they're the most loved and spoiled babies. Heaps of baby sitters too. Lol.
    Both ways (IVF or reversal) will take a few steps but age is on your side, you are both still young and if both healthy you can make it.

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    I was in a relationship where I had 2 and he had 2 (Before I met my current DH) and we thought about it but because we'd both been through divorces, basically decided if we didnt have any together then at least if we split up there would be no custody issues and messy divorce and stuck with each other for 18 years, so we decided not to. Good thing we did because we split up 10 months later. Dodged a bullet with that one.


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