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    Default Online survey - Fathers with young children (under 5 years)

    Hi Bubhub Members

    I'd like to invite you to participate in a research study being conducted by the Cairnmillar Institute in partial fulfilment of a Master of Psychology (Clinical). The study is investigating the impact of competing work and family responsibilities on parenting confidence and satisfaction in fathers with young children.

    We are recruiting fathers to complete a short online survey. Fathers must be:
    • over the age of 18 years; and
    • living in Australia; and
    • caring for child/children under the age of 5 years; and
    • employed either full-time, part-time or casually.

    The survey is completely anonymous and should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

    If you are interested in participating and meet the recruitment criteria, please follow the link below for more information and to begin the survey.


    If you have any questions about the study or about participation, please contact Dr Mandy Kienhuis (mandy.kienhuis@cairnmillar.edu.au) or Emma Abeyaratne (01966-17@cairnmillar.edu.au).

    Please feel welcome to share this information with anybody you know who may be interested in participating.

    Many thanks
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