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    Default Advice re Clayton Monash, Jessie Mac or Waverley Private

    Hello Ladies,

    I’m new to posting here, I guess you could say first time poster, long time reader.

    A brief background my husband and I have been TTC for two years via IVF and after 5 stim cycles we have a BFP with a heartbeat and currently 7 weeks.

    I’d love some feedback from anyone who has had a recent experience at Clayton Monash public, Jessie MacPherson or Waverley Private? We live in Mulgrave so are in the catchment for the public hospital and I also have NIB health insurance and am exploring the private route although would ideally not spend more than $2000-$3000 on out of pocket?

    There seems to be so much info to wade through any any reviews, advice or recommendations gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance

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