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    @gorgeousgeorge....I know you can help Luv

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeinBrisvegas View Post
    @Blossom74 I think you could help here with your story perhaps Luv??

    Thanks BIB

    I haven't read back over the thread yet (busy putting kiddos to bed!) but my story essentially:-

    I did 4 own egg cycles as a poor responder, resulting in 1, 3, 0 and 3 eggs being collected respectively. Of those I had 2 fresh transfers (both BFN's) and one FET which did result in a BFP but ended in MC at 8 1/2 weeks.

    At that point we decided to try and find a donor to help us, so I advertised on the Egg Donation Australia forum in around April 2016. It took 3-4 weeks to get an offer of help, and that donor did one cycle for us in October 2016. We would have cycled sooner but we had to wait for our donor to finish donating to another couple before she could donate for us I'm told the average wait for an offer of help is around 10-12 weeks if you are active on the site.

    Our one and only donor cycle yielded 20 eggs, 19 of which were mature and 15 of which fertilised successfully. From those we were blessed to receive 6 A Grade embryos and one B Grade embryo. The first (fresh) transfer worked, and we had a baby girl in June 2017. Project sibling saw us do two FETS, the first of which was a BFN and the second resulted in DD #2 being born in January 2020.

    I was 43 years old when I had my first daughter and 45 1/2 when I had my second. No known issues aside from a partial MTHFR gene mutation and being geriatric ha ha. Hubby needed TESA done as well, since he'd had a vasectomy some 15 years prior.

    So that's us. I'm now 46 1/2 with a 3 1/2 year old and a 13 month old. Life is hectic, fun, hard, wonderful, stressful, busy and awesome. We are forever in debt to our donor with whom we still maintain contact

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    Default IVF Over 40's #49

    I haven’t seen @BlondeinBrisvegas and @Blossom74 in years and I have much to thank the ladies on this thread! I am 2016 alumni and after another failed OE FET I felt hopeless, panicked and a night of tossing n turning stumbled on bubhub.

    It was like the clouds parting and for the first time felt HOPE. I learnt so much about things no one ever explained in the ivf industry and before I knew it I was glued to all your stories and journeys, with tears and fears and joy! I learnt about DE and calling Dr Matthias for an immune screen and just soaking every bit of knowledge.

    And I have shared this with others in real life and supported them through their journeys. I felt compelled to help. I still do.

    By the time I was 39 my eggs were cactus. I had a three year old with clomid at 36. And then five rounds of clomid, a miscarriage from natural conception right before I started IVF at 39 and then five transfers and not a blip.

    “Nothing was wrong with me / it’s a numbers game!l” I kept hearing Oh bull!

    It’s at that point armed with support from this group that I realised there’s more to this than blindly repeating egg collections and transfers with dud embryos.

    Found out about my immune issues - tick

    DE is like playing a with a full deck of cards, winding back the clock. Locked in Dr Kanakas in Greece - tick

    Got a hysteroscopy - tick

    Lined up my Aussie FS (LB) - tick

    A scrape, a lot of Dex, Clexane, prednisolone, plaquenil, antibiotics, intralipids. Two trips to Greece and second transfer was a success.

    I’m 45 now. Baby gal is 2.5!
    Don’t lose hope. Women with impossible odds have been in your shoes and now have babies and I say, why can’t that be you? You have the best support here.

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    Here’s a list compiled from the wisdom of others:

    THE LIST! Best chances of getting pregnant after repeated failure: tips and tricks

    1. It’s all about the uterus! Cakes won’t bake if your oven is broken.
    2. Ask your FS to undertake a laparoscopy and/or hysteroscopy to check for endometriosis or fibroids, adhesions or polyps or the shape of your uterus.
    3. See a reproductive immunologist (Dr Gamal Matthias) or haematologist (Dr Peter Ellims in Melb) or Dr Artef Saba (Perth)
    4. to check for any immune issues. This includes Natural Killer Cells, etc, that may attack an embryo that’s transferred. They will prescribe meds to suppress this response. You might need a treatment that is administered intravenously and repeated before and after transfer.
    5. Do you have MTHFR? No, I’m not swearing - it’s about how your body absorbs folic acid / folate. It’s a simple blood test but important for fertility and easy to treat by changing your folic acids to a different kind found in Optimal Health prenatal or Tresos Natal - these are prenatal supplements.
    6. Vit D is essential, so is Calcium taken together.
    7. Don’t forget your Vitamin Bs and Es.

    Kalina’s list for DE Clinics!

    Eggdonationfriends.com has some good info, you can select by country and off you go.

    For those who like stats and having as much info as possible, I'd suggest the following:

    - Make sure they are clear on how they measure success rates, is it a positive pregnancy test, a clinical pregnancy (heartbeat on US) or live birth. Few will have reliable live birth stats because some ladies don't report back on fire the pregnancy progressed.

    - If quoted success rates seem too good to be true, be careful. Much of it relies on self reporting.

    - Make sure you know what percentage of the transfers they use to calculate success rates are singles and doubles. If a clinic does mostly single transfers then a comparable success rate is more impressive than if most of those transfers are doubles.

    - Ask exactly how many DE cycles they do per year. You can't read too much into success rates for a clinic which does a small number. A clinic which does many hundreds per year and still has good success rates will have more reliable stats. Etc.

    - Make sure they give you info on their FET single and double success rates, these can be different from fresh transfers. Also ask what their embryo thaw survival rate is. This last number will tell you something about the quality of their lab. I'd also look into how experienced their embryologists are - their skills and experience are arguably most important.

    - Beware of hidden costs and make sure you know exactly what is included in the price. Many clinics (all this pertains to every country btw, not only Greece) will give you a quote....then you'll find out that they need a more money for this, that and the other.

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