Hi Guys, I am new here.
My youngest DS will be 3yrs old in a few months and has had a few issues from birth - VSD, Reflux and being deemed failure to thrive.
We see a paediatrician regularly to check his weight and have been doing so since birth. At first it was assumed DS wasn't gaining enough weight due to his reflux and that he may have a possible cows milk intolerance so was put on meds for the reflux and prescription formula with polyjule to add calories. My paediatrician who is lovely said most 'failure to thrive' kids grow out of it by 2yrs old. however we are close to 3yrs old now and still on the 'weight' rollercoaster. My DS has has 3 blood tests and an endoscopy for coeliac disease as he had tested positive for the 'at risk' gene (which doesn't mean you have coeliacs , just means your risk is increased) anyway the endoscopy has come back negative. We went down the could be coeliacs because he has 'atypical' symptoms (really bad constipation - which DS takes osmolax for)
I guess I would really like to know if others are going through the same thing or been through the same thing and if there was an actual found cause or if their kids simply grew out of it?