I graduated with my Bachelor of Education (ECE) late last year and had decided to take casual positions for 2019/2020 as I was concerned a full time position would he challenging with small children and a household to run by myself. I had intended to work 3-4 days a week but have ended up being booked full time from week 3 and I am absolutely loving it!

I'm currently booked at a school all term covering release from face to face time, one day a week I am on whoever is away that day, two days I'm teaching art with 8 kindy and grade 1 class and the other days I have set classes I spend time in. It's crazy but awesome. The school is huge, almost 900 students from preschool to grade 6, every nationality is represented and I love the diversity having spent much of my schooling in international schools. I have been offered the same position for at least next term.

This afternoon I had a call from a school I did relief at earlier in the term. A vacancy has come up for the remainder or the year in the kindy/1 composite class I have taught in. Apparently I made a good impression and they want to offer me the contract. I loved this school too, it's tiny and I only spent a brief time there but the students and staff are lovely. Google has informed me the school has the majority of students from a disadvantaged background, there is a high EALD population.

I'm trying to figure out what would be best in my situation, the school I am currently in is very supportive of it's staff and even as a casual because I'm there full time I have planning time. I don't have the responsibility of assessment and everything that goes with your own class. It's pretty much 8:30-3:30 and a little bit of outside hours planning and the casual rate is great. At the moment Im guaranteed at least anothrt term of work.

A full time contract offers security for the year, sick leave and holiday pay as well as more opportunities to assess and build upon my students learning.

I want to take both offers and I'd love opinions of teachers with little ones at home on what you would do under the circumstances.