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    Default Looking for advice to help my wife cope.

    I'm probably the wrong sex to be posting in a forum such as this (I do hope it's not against the rules), but I'm looking for some advice to help my wife.

    We met quite late in life, and by the time we got married and settled down, we were already getting a bit old for starting a family.

    We have since been on a long journey of trying to conceive (including miscarriage and IVF) but have ultimately been unsuccessful.

    Although I have made peace with the very real possibility of us not having children, my wife hasn't. It has been her lifelong dream, and as she starts to face the reality that she may never be a mother, she's having difficulty coping.

    She doesn't have any friends without children, so she doesn't really have anyone else to look to for support. One friend tried to provide comfort by saying things like "I know how you feel", but although it was well intentioned, it's hard to hear coming from someone who already has healthy children.

    My wife has tried some counselling, but I don't think she benefited much from this (though I think that had a lot to do with the counsellor).

    I want to provide some comfort, but I just don't know what to say or how to help. I don't want to cheer her up with any false hope, nor do I want to mention that her lifelong dream may never happen. I do what I can, but I feel so useless.

    I realise no one here is going to have a magic answer, but I'm hoping that someone might have some suggestions or strategies for me to try and help with her grief.

    Thanks in advance,
    Concerned Hubby

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