Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has been through something similar.

**Long post warning, sorry in advance! This is my first post**

I came off the pill on the 7th of Feb after 5 or 6 years on it. I was on femme-tab 20/100. I had what I thought was a period from the 8th of Feb til 11th or 12th.( Very heavy dark blood like my normal periods on the pill) My partner and I DTD on the 14th/15th & 24th of Feb. I thought I ovulated on the 28th of feb or 1st of March from the cramping on my side. I spotted from the 4th of March til the 10th. Started off light pink/brown. Then I had bright red blood(very thin) on the 5th. Which only lasted the one day then back to the pink and brown. Then on the 9th I had another visit from the bright red blood, but only when I wiped and it stopped after an hour if that.

Ive been exhausted/not sleeping/constipated/emotional/back pain/gurgly tummy(trapped gas??) the last week with what felt like ovary pains/twinges and heavy feeling in my uterus with some weird tingling feelings too. My cervix has been high, soft & wet the last week and a half. Im just so confused! Ive taken many pregnancy tests with all BFN's. The last one I took was on Monday.

Funny story I bought some pregnancy tests from Fertility to Family and they arrived Monday so I took some and got a faint positive line. Only to double check the packaging and realise they sent me ovulation tests instead of pregnancy tests. But according to the fertility site a faint line is not a sign of ovulation. So my cramps cant be from that??

Has anyone elses body just gone spastic coming off the pill??  Or can I be pregnant?? Sorry again for the long post! I hope someone can help me understand all this.