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I started there in Year 8. It was a very small junior school when I was young. There was no problem that I saw with bullying in the senior school.
The only thing I’d say about swapping in later primary (based on having DD in a similar school elsewhere) is that I think they may struggle to catch up. The workload does appear to be higher at DDs school vs other local schools, and as they learn instruments etc in school music, learn languages, the girls who come in later have to work harder to catch up.
Thanks for your reply. The primary school is still quite small - compared to the senior school anyway. You make a good point about the instruments / languages and things that my daughter would miss if she were to start there later on. And the workload - as somebody who switched schools a lot as a kid I remember how much the curriculum could vary between schools and I have been told that Somerville's standards are right up there - that is worth considering... It would be awful for her to switch and then struggle to catch up.

You've made me feel a lot better that you didn't come across any bullying in your time there. That's my main concern, that I want my daughter to be in a really supportive environment. There are so many people who think that it's just not possible to find that in a big Prep-Y12 school like Somerville though so it's good to hear that that wasn't your experience.