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    Default Sibling Room Sharing

    My two DD’s have been sharing a bedroom for around 2 years now and lately it is near impossible getting them to sleep. They have been waking through the night as one is a restless sleeper. They are age 4 and 5. Wondering if its time to put them into their own bedrooms. What have been others experiences?

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    My two boys have been sleeping in the same room since age 4yrs / 6yrs and it works very well for them!
    Now they are age 7yr/9yr and they don’t want to separate.
    When the oldest one wakes, he does call out to me but the youngest sleeps through it.
    Sometimes when the youngest wakes, he does wake his brother up. That can be annoying but doesn’t happen often.
    If you feel that it’s not working for you, then separate them now before they get too used to each other’s company and don’t want to be alone.

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