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    Default Choosing a Clinic & Donor

    Hello All,

    I’m very new to this forum & have started reading through various egg donor posts.

    A long story short my partner & I have done 10 IVF cycles (combo of stim cycles, FET & freeze all) in short - after moving to our 3rd FS NL in Victoria we finally found immune protocol that works. Unfortunately we have probably sacrificed “normal” Embryos on this 3 year journey.
    Now we are prepping for our last FET of 2x Day 3 Embryos on ice than I’m 100% ready to move on to Donor.

    I would appreciate any advice & tips on how to choose clinis and how to go about choosing a donor.

    So far I’m leaning towards OS & Spain due to cultural background but South Africa seems to have good success rates? And a fairly detailed information on the donor.
    But I’m struggling to find an affinity with that background.

    So much to think about.

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