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    Lactation consultant is a great idea too!

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    Doula (birth and/or postnatal), LC, Childbirth Educator... They all compliment each other so you could do one or all of them.

    Doula training isn't a walk in the park, it is still very full on and working in the area is very time consuming. You miss birthdays, Xmas, special events, and live life on call so holidays etc are difficult and need to be planned months in advance. Even a quick weekend trip an hour or 2 away. Plus then you also need reliable child care, and with birth especially someone who can take the kids at a moment's notice 24/7. It's not an easy lifestyle, but definitely rewarding. Also be careful who you train through, a lot of training organisations don't allow you to charge for births while you are studying which is BS. You want somewhere that teaches you the value of earning a living wage from the get go and not only teaches you the doula side of things, but the business side as well. Because ultimately, you are running a business. The same can be said for any of the related certifications mentioned above.

    I am currently doing nursing at Uni, with hopes to do midwifery after. Honestly? I'm finding it easier than doula work with regards to juggling family and study.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamasupial View Post
    What sort of things are involved in the every day job of community service and social work? As in, what would those types of jobs look like?
    Lots of different areas:
    Youth work - case management, advocacy, mentoring, young parents support, out of home care,
    Alcohol & other drugs - again case management, counselling
    Homelessness - advocacy, case management,

    Generally a lot of these kinds of jobs you would have a caseload (number depends on the role and how intense it is) and you work with clients helping them achieve their goals, developing case plans, referral to other services, some counselling at times.
    There’s also jobs with government for these kinds of quals - child protection, youth justice, disability support.

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    I think I forgot to update. I have indeed decided to do midwifery. I have even chosen the uni and campus. I would like to wait until after baby #4 though.

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