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    Default Overweight and IVF for Two ladies

    Hello all!

    I’m hoping for a little help with my IVF journey. As you can probably tell from the name, my wife and I are wanting to become mums.

    I am wanting to carry my wife’s egg as we only want the one pregnancy.

    I am overweight (BMI greater then 40) and looking into having kids in the next 12 months. I have started healthy eating to get my Body into the best shape to bring a baby into this world.

    As we are two females. We need to go the ivf route with donor sperm the only problem is, in NSW, they like you to be under a bmi of 30 before they even start.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for DRs in NSW that will help my wife and I start our family even though I am bigger as a lot of the fertility clinics have BMI restrictions!

    Thank you lovely humans xx

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    I carried our first using my wife’s egg and she carried our second using an embryo we had also created in that same stim cycle. I highly recommend IVFA and in particular Professor Illingworth. He doesn’t have a BMI cut off and in fact when I asked him on his view he was adamant that being bigger doesn’t stop you from getting pregnant but of course could make it harder on your body or put you at more risk of some health complications.

    I had a very healthy pregnancy and no issues at all despite people perhaps assuming I’d have high blood pressure or GD because somehow people think that being bigger means that! I am also now 22.5 weeks along as a gestational surrogate which I was signed off to do by the board of ethics at IVFA as well even being above the ideal BMI for the clinics that have a limit. We fell pregnant on our first try under this doctor and his team.


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