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    Default Maternal-assisted caesarean OB recommendations wanted on GC

    *This post contains possible birth trauma triggers*

    Hi ladies,

    Can anyone highly recommend a good Gold Coast Obstetrician who is willing to do a maternal-assisted caesarean? My first birth was traumatic and complicated, ending after three days in an emergency c-section and a good deal of uterine trauma that significantly increased my chance of rupturing if I try a VBAC. It also resulted in a long delay in bonding, breastfeeding issues, PND, PTSD, anaemia and Asherman's syndrome. I also have a list of other high risk factors with this pregnancy. For me, an elective maternal-assisted c-section is the way to go for this one.

    I need a Gold Coast OB who is knowledgable of high risk births, a good listener, kind natured and willing to carrying out a maternal-assisted c-section. Can anyone give a recommendation?

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    I know you wrote this months ago but did you end up finding one and assisting in your delivery? I e only just learned about it and I plan to speak to my ob about it this week. My hubby freaked when I mentioned it.


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