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    Default Fast growing day 3 embryos - experiences?

    Has anyone had experience with embryos that were 'fast' growers at 3 days?

    I recently had 2 'fast' 3 day embryos transferred after IVF cycle number 6. 'Fast' embryos are medically defined as having 10 or more cells on day 3.

    Mine were at 10 cells and pre-morula (i.e. approaching the standard 4 day morula stage). They were about 2.6 days post fertilisation, to be exact

    I have been doing some reading about fast embryos as it's the first time I've produced any (and I've got a lot of embryos under my belt, so to speak). It's also the first cycle I've had a 3 day transfer. (3 day transfer was done this cycle due to my previous lack of success -never been pregnant- and the fact that there were only 2 embryos that were suitable for transfer anyway - so no point waiting to find the fittest embryo(s) at day 5.)

    I've read that 'fast' embryos result in a higher pregnancy rate that 'normal' growing:

    ...And also that they are about as successful as 'normal' cleaving embryos:

    I've also read (somewhere) that male embryos grow faster than females so fast growing embryos are more likely to be male.

    What are your experiences?

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    Hi @Nicopian

    Did you have any success?

    I had 2 x day 3 embryos transferred yesterday, one 10 cells and the other 12. Thanks for those links, reassuring to hear it's potentially positive. I couldn't find much info. The embryologist was very enthusiastic about the quality and I didn't think to ask questions at the time but I took her reaction to be a good sign. I found one article indicating slow and fast cleavage could be a sign of chromosomal abnormalities but I don't think the embryologist would have been so upbeat if that was really so clear cut.

    I've just had 7th ICSI/IVF cycle and 5th transfer (previous 4 FET).

    Wishing you all the best.


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