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    Default Costs in delivering a baby

    Hi all, first timer here and totally clueless about costs involved towards a delivery and afterwards. I feel there may be quite a bit of unexpected costs as no one paints a full picture. Please advise.

    I think private health insurance only pay when you are in the hospital so there’s nothing claimable until then - i.e. no claims for Ob/Gyn, scans, tests.

    What about Medicare? What will they pay albeit not much?


    (1) Ob/Gyn
    - First consultation - $300 - once off
    - Followups - $100 each - how many sessions?
    - Planning mgmt fee - $5000

    (2) Scans, Tests etc. via Ob/Gyn
    I presume these are in addition to the consultation costs.

    - NIPT - $400-700 options
    - Nuchal Translucency Scan - $ ??
    - Structural Scan - $ ??

    (3) Delivery
    I think Ob/Gyn management fee should cover the lot as per (1) and private health insurance the bed, Ob/Gyn delivery costs (coverage subject to their relationship with the private health fund), what about others?

    - Ob/Gyn planning costs - As per (1)
    - Ob/Gyn delivery costs - Private health fund may cover up to 100% (members choice program or equivalent) - pic below example from Medibank Private

    - Anaethetist - ?
    - Surgical assistant?
    - Pediatrician?
    - Who else is involved and needs to be paid?

    - Hospital Bed & Stay - Private health fund covers in full after excess payable

    - Baby nursery & care - ???

    - Hospital extras - tv, food, etc. - ???

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    I'm with medibank and 34w. Im considering going public as a private patient for my next one because the out of pocket costs are more than I wanted to pay. But we'll see. My ob has a midwife that she works with so I see them for alternate visits. The ob fee is 80 with 40 back from medicare and the midwife is 40 with nothing back. I saw them from 10w monthly until about 26w when it became fortnightly. Then it starts weekly from 35w. My management fee was 2500 with about 250 bank from medicare.
    I've got high hospital cover so I think (hope!) everything is covered for labour at hospital.

    Re: scans They are bulk billed if I go through the qdi at my private hospital which I just did for a 32w scan to check the placenta. I did a joint nipt/12w scan elsewhere at 12w for about $425 and another at 20w for about 200 something. The scan clinic said they generally suggest a 16w scan as well but they were able to see 90% of the things needed at my 12w one so I declined.

    At hospital my bed/room is covered but if I wanted the deluxe room they offer I'd have to pay the extra $200 a night out of pocket. If you have family cover, bub will be covered when it pops out.
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    I had a baby at the Mater in Sydney in December. Here is what I paid

    (1) Ob/Gyn
    - First consultation - $280 after Medicare rebate
    - Followups - I had 10 antenatal visits which were all bulk billed.
    - Planning mgmt fee - $5200 with $535 back from Medicare.

    (2) Scans, Tests etc. via Ob/Gyn

    - NIPT - $445
    - Ultrasounds x 3 (at 13, 20 and 34 weeks). All cost $375 each with $85 - $140 back from Medicare
    - Glucose test - I had to do two. One was bulk billed the other cost $75 after Medicare rebate

    (3) Delivery

    - Ob/Gyn planning costs - As per (1)
    - Ob/Gyn delivery costs - Covered by private health cover and Medicare
    - Anaethetist - I had an epidural which was covered by private health cover and Medicare
    - Pediatrician - $455 for two visits with $400 back from Medicare
    - Hospital Bed & Stay - Private health fund covers after excess payable. However only my meals were included (DH’s were extra). I was upgraded to a family room for two nights which was an extra $100/night which was not covered by private health cover. I didn’t have any other hospital costs.

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    Both kids initial consult $160 then other consults $90 with refunds to both
    Scans 1st baby were a variety. Second baby bad all bulk billed
    Management fee $2700 with a refund from health insurance and medicare
    Private hospital full coverage by private health
    Anaesthetist and epidural all covers by health fund
    Pediatrician $160 each time
    Baby pathology for daughter am sure covered by health fund.
    All pre natal pathology bulk billed

    This was newcastle in 2014 and 2016

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