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    Interesting to read the various alternatives

    At my son's school, a public primary in Victoria, there is no religious teachings. They do math, English, science, art, pe, computers, Indonesian and music. I think in missing one, but it's just basically the core subjects as at any school.
    There's never been any talk of, or communications about religious teachings. The school *used* to have religious teachings once a week where a church volunteer would come and give a lesson .....I chose not to attend (I went to this school, and mum gave me the choice In higher grades)... we sat In the divided off part of the classroom, and were given coloring, word searches, or time to complete research projects etc. I mentioned to my mum only recently *who* did the religious teachings, and she was gobsmacked! The lady was....of a questionable level of sound mind (literally.... to put it nicely).

    Anyway ...Someone asked earlier In the thread about where the main interactions with this child would be....99% of them are at school. The friend used to visit our house occasionally, but not at the time ds was bringing it up...so those interactions HAD to have taken place at school.

    And responding to other comments, I too hope it's a phase.... like my wiccan, and "black" (not goth or emo) phases 🤣
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    we too will more than likely send ds to a public primary school here in vic and i’m looking forward to the non denominational education.

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    Default 7yo obsessed with God-NON religious family/upbringing.

    I don't know if it's all schools, but we go to a public school here in WA and there are no religious teachings. There were when I went to school, again public, but that was a looooooong time ago, and from memory was only in year 6 I think.

    We are very much atheist, so I'm glad about that. I am happy for DS to learn about religion, but to me that is learning about ALL religions and the various belief systems. Not having someone from ONE religion come in and teach their beliefs. To me, that is attempted indoctrination, not religious studies.

    DS who is 9 has asked me about God, and I just told him that I didn't believe, but lots of people did. That there were several religions and churches and some believed similar things, and others were very different. I likened it to some people believing in fairies/Santa etc and some don't. And neither is wrong and it's up to each person to decide what they want to believe, and respect other people's beliefs. At another time he asked how the world was made, and I told him some people believe God made it, and some believe in science and evolution and told him about both theories. He asked what I thought, and I said evolution. He said "me too I think".

    OP, I don't think it would talk to the school, I'd just nip it in the bud at home. If you have a large school, they may not even be in class together this year which can change the friendships out of class too.


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