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    Default Annoying, backchatting 8 yr old boy

    I need some advice and possible pointers on where to seek professional help. My 8 yr old boy does exceptionally well at school, is fit, healthy etc. But recently our relationship is suffering for a few reasons.
    1. He is very restricted with screen time but is always thinking about when he can play his device next. He would play it all day if allowed (he’s not allowed!). He cannot seem to monitor or control his own behaviour. Only has other interests because he HAS to.
    2. I have to say the same things over and over. I HATE things like toys and books left on the chairs and floors and he is told multiple times a day not to do this. Keeps doing it. I throw things out if he’s told more than once to move them but doesn’t learn.
    3. Backchatting. It’s awful. ALWAYS whinges when told no. Speaks rudely to me and his 6 yr old sister. Always trying to negotiate when told firmly no. Again no respect for others.
    4. Annoying. Stupid things like singing the same lines of a song over and over and keeps doing it when told not to.
    5. Annoys his sister (who is a stubborn drama queen) so much and can’t control his behaviour as an older sibling who should know better. The same arguments multiple times daily and I have stopped taking them out on school holidays for this reason.
    6. Has no life skills. Won’t do things like butter his own toast because it’s too hard. Just thinks about himself and is an unhelpful brat.
    Maybe I have high expectations but he knows his behaviour is wrong and keeps doing it. I do not understand this behaviour from anyone and end up yelling at him and calling him stupid as I’m at my wits’ end from the stress.
    I really don’t know what to do and feel our relationship is just one of a constant battle. I hate myself for how I deal with it (poorly) but I cannot handle stupid behaviour.

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