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    Default Morning Routine with School Kids

    With my eldest entering Pre-Primary this year, we are now facing 5 days of the morning rush to get out the house for school, day care & work.

    I need this year to go more smoothly than last year & want to try to keep on top of the household needs and my health.

    I’m estimating I need to get up at least an hour & a half early to get though everything, so will likely get up 2hrs early as I do like to have a few quiet minutes in my morning (and to sit outside for my morning coffee ❤️).

    I also need to fit in exercise two mornings a week!

    Plan is:

    - Coffee
    - Unload Dishwasher
    - Breakfast/Kids Brekkie
    - Lunchboxes
    - Dress/Makeup
    - Kids Organised
    - Kitchen Tidy

    Night before I will get bags/clothes out & ready.

    I do want my 5yo to take some responsibility in the mornings too. I will have a chart on the fridge with steps for her to self organise & she will need to pack her bag & remember to carry it out to the car. Bonus points if the 3yo will follow suit, but I will help her.

    DH will be home most of this time 3 days of the week & will help but he does dinner/dishes in the evening so I do most of the morning stuff.

    Just wondering what everyone else’s morning routine looks like?

    Do you put washing on? Anything else? Lunchboxes the night before (or do they go yucky)?

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    Default Morning Routine with School Kids

    I get up about 5/5:30 on the mornings I work (3 days) I used to have a personal trainer come 2 mornings a week but I don’t now as I have more time to exercise in the afternoons/evenings because I live a lot closer to work now and I also exercise during the day on the days I don’t work.

    My kids unpack lunchboxes when they get home and put bags away.

    They get their clothes out for the next day before bed.

    I get up early and make lunches. I like to cut the fruit and veges up in the morning so it’s fresh and if they’re taking sandwiches I make them in the morning too. My kids are older so they pack their own bags.

    My kids wake up about 6:30/7 and they normally get ready straight away. Sometimes they have breakfast and sometimes they have it at before school care. Two mornings a week the p&c runs a cafe at the school so they usually get breakfast there on those days. My kids must be absolutely ready to walk out the door before tv is on.

    With all the extra curricular activities my kids do, I don’t usually do washing on the days I work unless desperate but I usually get a few loads done on Thursdays and Fridays when I’m not working and Sundays so we’ve got clean clothes for the week.

    My kids unpack the dishwasher so that’s one less thing to worry about for me.

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    Years ago when my kids were smaller, I was pretty organised as I had to be out of the house at 6am for a 7.30 start at work, three days per week.

    I used to make a week's worth of sandwiches on a Sunday evening and freeze. Ditto for baked snacks eg muffins, slices etc all wrapped individually. The sandwiches were just some diced chicken breasts I'd cooked and then I included a little tub of chopped salad in their lunchboxes for the kids to throw onto the sandwich before they ate it.

    So, I had a week's worth of frozen sandwiches and baking, and just pulled them out at night and put them into a lunchbox with fruit etc and left in the fridge ready for the next day.

    I also used to put a load of washing on in the morning - set with a timer to start in the middle of the day so it was ready for me to hang out when I got home from work and take the previous load down. That was until I had bats poop on washing overnight, now I just chuck in the drier, and I don't feel too guilty about it because I have solar.

    I used to make my kids get their own breakfast - just cereal and milk.

    School uniforms / work clothes - had a week's worth washed, ironed and put away on the weekend ready for the week.

    If you have girls allow time for doing their hair.

    I used to get school bags ready the night before, including things like library books, swimming stuff packed and tried to stay on top of notes so I knew if there was a free dress day / bring your favourite teddy type day happening at school and got it all organised the night before.

    (Now my kids are older I'm not that organised but they are old enough to work it out themselves.)

    Good Luck.

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    Default Morning Routine with School Kids

    My school mornings usually involve (in increasing volume)

    -me asking my kids to go and eat breakfast
    -nicely telling my kids to get dressed
    -telling the kids to pack their lunches
    -telling the kids pull their fingers out and to brush their teeth
    -ordering my kids to come get their hair brushed NOW
    -yelling at the kids to get their shoes and socks on or we will be late

    Do everything you can the night before like laying out clothes and packing bags, signing notes, prepping lunches etc

    My kids are up at 6am and god knows we struggle as they seem to take forever to do every little thing!

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    I have 3 in school, 1 in Kindy/pre-prep (5 days a fortnight), and 1 starting daycare 2 days a week.

    Non daycare/kindy days:

    Me up 6.30
    Kids up 7.00
    Get dressed
    Pack bags
    Out the door by 7.55
    Drop kids at school by 8.20

    Kindy/daycare days
    Same as above, but after school drop is kindy drop of at 8.35.
    Daycare days I will do daycare drop off before heading to school (daycare just around the corner, school and Kindy on other side of town) so will need to be out the door by 7.30.

    I do all uniforms, lunches etc the night before so in the mornings it's just a matter of the kids grabbing them out of the fridge and putting it in their bags and throwing their uniforms on. Days when they have things like library I make sure they have their stuff packed and ready the night before.

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    Our school prep is lunch boxes are packed night before (they now do this dd 9 and ds 4) and bags are ready with school hats either in bag or left in car (if its library day their book bag is in their school bag etc)

    When I wake them up im getting their uniform out of the cupboard and putting it on their bed.

    I get their breakfast (dd now does her own i do ds) and I make their sandwich for school at the same time and put lunch boxes in bag.

    After breakfast they get dressed and we do hair then they have time to watch some cartoons before we leave.

    I dont really find mornings all that hard because i get most done the night before. Sunday is my ironing day so all uniforms are ironed and ready for the week.
    I have a calendar on the fridge to tell me what's going on for the day. Days I work I also have all of my stuff ready night before and do makeup and hair while they are watching cartoons.

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    Lunches are always done the night before, water is put in drink bottles and refrigerated overnight.

    I wake up first, shower, get dressed etc, make a cup of tea.

    Put all the kids uniforms out on their beds, shoes and socks ready.

    Kids wake, dress themselves.

    I help with the kids hair (big kids do their own).

    Kids prepare their own breakfasts and eat, whilst I make the two little ones beds (bigger kids do their own).
    I unpack dishwasher, and put a load of washing on (if need be). Lunchboxes put in their school bags.

    Kids brush their teeth.

    Out the door we go by 7:50am.

    This year will be a little different as my eldest is starting highschool, so things will change a little, but the morning routine as such will be the same.

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    Ds2 is usually up before 6.
    At 6 I make lunches. Then at 6:30 wake up ds1 and Dh and then make their breakfast.
    Breakfast needs to be finished by 7. Ds1 brushes his teeth smile ds2 is dressing then they swap. Then I jump in for a 5min shower and dress.
    7:30 ds1 is told to put his shoes. It will take him 15mins to do this and by then ds2 is ready to leave.
    We leave at 7:45am to be at ds2 bus pick up by 8am. (We walk)Then ds1 and I walk to the cafe up the road, (get there by 8:20)have a coffee sometimes. Let ds1 play on the mini playground until 8:40 and walk 5mins up the road to school.
    Ds1 school sometimes has the walking school bus, which the pick up is near the same cafe which departs at 8:30.

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    We have just under an hour from wake up to getting to the school bus, so I keep it simple. Kids are 9 and 6. DH leaves at 7:30, so not much help with the logistics.

    They pack their bags the night before with their homework/library books or whatever and I check water bottles then too.
    In the morning, I wake them at 7 if they’re not up (mainly DD).
    They go to the loo and get dressed.
    DS lets the chooks out and feeds the dog.
    Wheetbix for breakfast.
    While they eat I make their lunches.
    DS often finishes first and puts lunchboxes in their cool bags and then their bags for me.
    Teeth, shoes and hair - again simple ponytail unless we have extra time (rare) - sunscreen, shoes and out the door.

    Some (most) days there is a lot of nagging at various sound levels to hurry up (mostly aimed at DD). Other days not. I’m hoping for more nots this year, as it’s so much nicer to not get to the bus stop stressed we have missed it because she’s taken FOREVER TO DO EVERYTHING.

    Last year I mostly worked from home so would do washing, dishwasher etc when I got home. If I went to the office, nothing got done and I’d get up 40 mins early to get myself ready before waking the kids.

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    When I worked I did lunches the night before. DS takes a whole apple to school (its all he will eat) so no fruit to cut.

    He does not take a sandwich but I have baked muffins/slices/quiches/zucchini slice/bliss balls/banana bread etc in the freezer so we pick out what he wants, add crackers, cheese and yoghurt. So can be dine the night before.

    Bags are always ready to go the night before (so homework/readers are packed into the bag before bedtime). Clothes are always ready to go the night before.

    The morning of DS can mostly do breakfast - he just needs help with milk. Then teeth, get dressed, lunch/water bottle packed and ready to go.

    I am a SAHM so it can be a little 'easier' in that I am not rushing to work. But last year I was working so pretty much everything was done at night.


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