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    Default Advice needed re pumping at work

    I’m returning to work in 2 weeks and really want to continue exclusive breastfeeding.

    Any hints/tips/advice on how to make work and pumping achievable?

    I’ll be working 4 days a week (off Wednesday). I don’t have a private office. The only room with a door in our office is the lunch room. I have a single electric pump, plus a Haakaa.


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    I went back 3d/week when DD was 6m old. I used to pump twice a day at her usual feed times, to try to maintain supply for the days I was home w her.
    From the 2 sessions though, I only got enough for 1 bottle feed for daycare (she would have it the following day). I ended up supplementing with formula for that second feed, and then dropping to one session a day at work- it was too disruptive to my day otherwise.
    Legally, your workplace needs to provide you a locked, private space that isn't a toilet. I ended up having to approach HR, who kicked another department out of their meeting room when I needed it.
    I took cool packs at an esky for transport and had a double pump for speed. I also bought a bustier thing so I didn't have to hold the nozzle things in place. I think a cheap sports bra and scissors would give you the same outcome

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    I pumped at 8, 10.30, 12.30 and 3.30 when I returned to work. I'd highly suggest getting a double. S1 is the most efficient you can get.

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    DD was 8 months when I went back. She didn’t take a bottle so DP would bring her in for at least one feed on the 3 days he was at home with her. I pumped twice a day on the other days to maintain supply. At about 10 months, I dropped to pumping once a day.

    I probably did that for 3 months before I got sick of pumping for nothing (I just had to throw it out because of the refusal) and then I just fed her as normal when I was with her. DP still brought her in for a feed whenever he could.

    My work was pretty good. My office has glass that everyone can see into but I just went into another office and did it there. I had a double pump and bought a feeding bra so that I could work or eat lunch as I pumped.

    We made it to 13 months before I weaned her.

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