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    I had a c section with DS1. I was fully dilated and pushed for ages before they worked out his head was rotated and he wasn’t going to come out.

    I’ve got on to have 2 vaginal births since. I made sure I stayed home and upright with them because I’m sure that being made to lay down with DS1 didn’t allow him to rotate properly.

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    So I haven’t experienced a VBAC first hand as I’ve not yet had a second baby, but a VBAC is my intention (circumstances permitting). The reason for my emergency caesarean was classed as “failure to progress” but was more due to fetal positioning. DDs head was deflexed, so rather than her chin being tucked down, it was more the front of her scalp where the fontanelle (aka soft spot) was coming first, rather than the “crown” of her head. She was also coming down with her head facing my opposite hip (rather than face down - good position, face up - bad position). The obstetrician who delivered her said it was cephalopelvic disproportion as her head hadn’t descended into my pelvis at all despite 14hrs active labour. Her head wasn’t exceptionally large though when she was born. I spoke to my obstetrician at my 6w check up about it and he said that he would be happy for me to go for a VBAC but we would just be prepared if it were to happen again. He said his threshold for repeating the caesar in labour would be much lower so I’m not labouring hard for hours upon hours with no sign of a vaginal delivery. I’m happy with this.

    Births themselves are different for everyone, including from baby to baby. I think the fact baby was direct OP would have a lot to do with why you ended up with an emergency CS. Second time round you could do things to try and get baby in an optimal position before labour. Sleeping only on your side (left lateral is the best, but also not do-able for a full night), avoid reclining backwards when sitting down on the couch/recliner chair. Utilise a fit ball for sitting down and watching TV. If we had carpet downstairs I reckon I’d have worn a hole in it from our ball .

    The 4hrs from fully dilated is not abnormal. We usually give women having their first babies 1-2 hrs of passive descent (depending on how high bubs head is at the time) and 2hrs of pushing. If no sign of delivery at 2hrs active pushing then it usually ends up in a CS unless bub is low enough to deliver by vacuum or forceps. In your case it sounds like bub would not have come using either of these methods as it can riskier to do a CS after pushing. If bubs head is too far into the birth canal, it has to be elevated or “pushed” back up through the vagina. For them to have gone to CS makes me think that bubs head was still high and not coming much past what we call the spines (ischial spines on your pelvis if you want to google).

    Seeing someone is definitely worth while if you need to talk it through. Even your obstetrician can do a debrief with you as they should have access to your labour/delivery notes if there are more specific aspects you wish to talk through.

    From a personal viewpoint I can highly recommend calm birthing. It made 12hrs labour in hospital fly by (well, not for DH ).

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    You ladies are amazing!

    It's really helping me hearing other experiences and what to potentially expect second time round and ways to ensure a better experience.
    Thank you for this! It really has helped me break things down a bit better.

    I will definitely talk to my OB about doing a VBAC to see what her thoughts are following my 1st labour. He was direct OP and we actively pushed for more than 2 hours and they rushed me to theatre to attempt forceps of vacuum but didn't want to try in my delivery suite in case it would need to be CS and I remember when I was laid on the table my OB told me there was no way to do either and she would have to do a CS and I did hear he try to quietly ask one of the others in the room to 'push' the head back up which freaked me out haha.

    Thanks for your tips also, here's hoping I'm much more prepared mentally and physically next time around.


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