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    At what age do you say ‘if you throw it, it’s gone?’. I have 16 month old twins who throw food from their high chairs and toys from car seats etc. They’re not too bad really and daycare says they’re very good but I suspect it’s becoming a game to them. Are they developmentally ready for us to enforce ‘if you throw it, it’s gone?’. I don’t want to reinforce bad behaviour but I also don’t want to try and make them understand a concept they aren’t developmentally ready for. Help!

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    I have an 18 month old DS and the throwing of everything is still strong in that one lol.
    Meal times are shocking, if he doesn’t like/want something it goes on the floor... both DH and I constantly repeat “leave it on your tray” but I now think it’s a game as the cats tend to hang around and eat what hits the floor so he has started feeding them too which is fun
    I also realised a few weeks ago when I am picking up his toys I will sit in the middle of the lounge and throw everything into his toy box and at this age they copy everything so Ive made a conscious effort to walk everything over and place it nicely so he follows suit.... well that’s the aim anyway

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