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    I find joint accounts fascinating. I could never do it. DH and I keep our money completely separate. He pays mortgage, utilities, rates, insurances etc, and food once a fortnight. I pay for all kids expenses, internet, and food the other fortnight. Whatever is left is ours to spend and or save, nobody has to justify anything, ask or discuss. I'm usually broke a lot though haha so guess that means either Im worse with money or the kids expenses add up to a lot more! Personally I think it is the latter, but I'd hate to change it. I like the freedom. Someone giving me an allowance like I was a child would infuriate me.
    I'm exactly the same. I sort of envy couples who can sit down and sort their finances out to the dollar, but I need my own money. So after bills etc are paid, the rest is mine/his to do what we like with. We have a joint account for direct debits but we get paid into our own separate accounts. I agree with the PP that maybe you should cover all costs, put some away in savings and then the rest can be play money? My hubby is terrible with money too but at least this way, there's a bit more freedom so I'm not getting all worked up about every dollar that he spends.

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