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    Hi all,
    I’m really looking forward to meeting my second baby.
    I’ve posted before about how to manage visitors so this might seem a bit of an odd post.
    I have a really lovely group of friends and I am the first in this group to have babies. I must say that in the first two weeks or so with my first baby they were really lovely and really helped out by bringing dinners over and looking after baby while I had a nap.
    After the first two or so weeks though they all seemed to just disappear.
    I knew they had their own lives to get on with so I understand but I felt really lonely after this and felt I couldn’t ask them for help anymore.
    I’m a bit nervous because soon I’ll have two children to juggle. My first is only 2 years old. Did anyone else feel that there was a big rush to help in the first two or so weeks but then everybody seemed to disappear?
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    I find this naturally happens with many things in life where you might need a bit of help - lots in the beginning but then you must fend for yourself.

    It's difficult being the first one in a group of friends to have kids because the others don't have that in depth understanding of what it's like. I was lucky that my group of friends all had babies around the same time, but I know other people who said they needed to find some "mummy friends", and unfortunately some of their old friends drifted away simply because they were at different stages in their lives.

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