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    Default Activities in Coburg for a three and one year old


    I'm moving to Coburg at the start of February from London. I'm going to be looking after my three and one year old without any childcare for the first 3 months and so want to find as many activities, classes, playgroups etc as possible. Ideally things that will be suitable for both of them. We're going to be living between Coburg and Batman stations but I'd be willing to travel a bit.

    I'd also love to hear of recommendations of ways to meet other parents and children as my three year old is very sad to be leaving her friends behind so I'd like to help her to make some new ones as soon as possible.

    Thanks very much

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    I'm not in the area, but some general suggestions are:

    You can search the Playgroup Victoria website for playgroups local to you. A lot of playgroups have free trials, so you can try a few and find one that fits for you.

    Libraries often hold story time or activities. Just having a quick look on the Coburg Library website, I can see preschool story time, rhyme time for under 18 months, and toddler time. https://www.moreland.vic.gov.au/libr...ocation-hours/

    Swimming lessons are a great activity that also gives you the opportunity to meet parents.


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