Hi everyone, I’m new here looking for everyone’s opinions or advice. I am 34 years old and will be TTC as soon as I figure out my plan going forward. I was diagnosed with endo and had 1 laparoscopy (to diagnose) and 1 Robotic endo resection to remove very large endometriomas on both of my ovaries. My fallopian tubes and uterus were fine. I did have adhesions elsewhere. This all happened in 2012.
Fast forward to now, I have been taking hormonal birth control continuously all these years to keep the endo from coming back as much as possible.
Now, knowing that both of my ovaries were affected, and considering my age, I’m stuck considering whether I should try conceiving naturally or go straight to IVF. I’m thinking as soon as I go off the pill my window to conceive will be narrow and I want to give myself the best chance! I hope that makes sense. I will of course discuss this with my GP. I have not seen a fertility specialist yet. I’d like to hear your experiences and suggestions and I’d be happy to give more specifics. Thanks.