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    Default toilet training

    all of the responses were really helpful. thank you so much.

    we did succeed in toilettraining with the creche despite their first negative reaction

    then a monrth or so ago there was a set back which is quite normal in toilet training

    we made the mistake of going back to pull ups at the child care centre . i dont think they continued to keep the routine of taking the child to the toilet regularly after they were in n pull ups.

    .w hen we were told that that was a mistake to put them in pull ups that set backs are normal then we wanted t go back to underwear and to assuring this progresses we sent in underwear . the centre tried and put the pull ups back on much i guess as the parent who responded writng that its fair enough to send them in underwear and if they have 2 accidents then its time for pull ups.

    they said the child wasnt keen was running away.

    i look at this as a child who runs away from anything bedtime bath ime pack up and we have to be the ones who find ways to educate and get routines on track. i have gotten alot of professional advice also

    i wrote a letter of advice suggestions we've gotten eg like those suggested star charts, praise, but also we were told to put underwear inside the pull ups as then the child feels the wetness or soiling.
    i hope we do get this back on track.we do rely on the centre being onside as the child is there most of the time and we do our best in the very limited time we have her at home.

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    Thanks for updating Angela. Glad you could come to some resolution on your issue. Hopefully this only a temporary setback and your child will be back on track soon.


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