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    Default Rainbow Baby with PCOS?

    Hey everyone,

    I am feeling a little lost and overwhelmed right now and needed a little support in terms of a potentional future pregnancy after a recent miscarriage.

    At the end of last month (a few weeks ago), I miscarried my first pregnancy after 5 weeks. I should add I have PCOS, whether that may or may not play into the loss of my baby.

    I would love to hear some success stories on your rainbow baby with (or without) PCOS.

    Every Doctor I’ve seen thus far have said that PCOS had no play into my miscarriage—it was just bad luck, unfortunately, but I can’t bring myself to believe them. I’ve heard many times before that having PCOS increases your chances of a miscarriage, but my doctors tell me otherwise.

    I’m a little confused and need advice.

    Thanks in advance xx

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    Hi. Sorry for your loss. Miscarriages are pretty common so I don't know that if our it down as PCOS causing it. I have PCOS and all together I guess I have had 3. One as a teen when not trying, one after my first child and one was part of my current twin pregnancy. After my first we used Clomid to conceive. That is when I had my mc but we were lucky enough to conceive again straight away. My rainbow is now 2yo.

    This time I fell straight away and was going to have twins but only 1 developed. I'm currently 37w.

    Best of luck getting your rainbow.

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    Default Rainbow Baby with PCOS?

    Sorry to hear of your loss. The main effects of PCOS are at the pre implantation stage so to do with cycle regularity and ovulation. Once you are pregnant there is no greater risk of miscarriage with or without PCOS. Early miscarriages are pretty common for those with and without PCOS. I have PCOS and have one ectopic pregnancy, 2 healthy children and no other miscarriages.
    Best wishes

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    I have polycystic ovaries, but not the full on syndrome. We need to do IVF for male factor issues and I'm currently pregnant with our third IVF baby. At no point have my specialists said that I need any extra support because of the PCO. Considering how closely monitored you are during a cycle I'm sure they would have put something in place if it was that detrimental to a pregnancy.

    As a PP mentioned, it's more the initial conception where PCOS causes issues. The only aspect which may be of concern is making sure your hormone levels are adequately balanced during early pregnancy. You could ask your GP to do some blood tests when you get a BFP again to check everything is where it should be.

    Another option is to do a tracking cycle through a fertility clinic. It costs a few hundred dollars, but will check that your hormones are where they should be throughout the cycle, ovulation, length of luteal phase, etc. At the very least it will confirm there are no issues preventing you from getting pregnant, and if anything shows up then they'll be able to advise assistive methods to help. There's no obligation to go ahead with any treatment if all you want is the tracking.


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