Hey y’all!

This may be the wrong place to ask this, but my cycle is like clockwork(if I were on a desert island, I could create a calendar by it) and my period is still three or four days off. I had some cramps yesterday, and I’ve been having a bit of bleeding and cramping today. A little more than spotting, less than my normal period(which also usually starts with brown blood.)

It seems like way too much still for implantation bleeding. What are your experiences with implantation bleeding, if you’ve had it, or what have you heard from your friends and loved ones? I’ve heard of people mistaking it for their period but then I hear it’s just meant to be a bit of spotting. Please help a confused girl out!

P.S. Yes, I have a pregnancy test in my hot little hands- I’m waiting to see if I get my “real” period or if this is my “real” period just super duper early??? Body, why you so weird??