Hello! My hubby and I are ttc.

1. I’m a former American! My Aussie sweetie and I met on Twitter and fell in love online. Four years later...

2. When I moved here I’d never been to Australia before!

3. I used to be a doula- even though I’ve never had any kids, haha.

4. I loooove fashion, art and interior decorating- although I also love animals and kids, so it stays practical.

5. I am vegan, but I still cook my meat eating husband meat. I know less animals will die because I’ll make the most of what we buy. I’m old fashioned and can make stock, stew, chili, meat sauce, dog food and slow cooked cuts from the parts that are less popular. (I love to cook and am also super proud that my meat and potatoes dude loves my veggies.)

Quirk: Oh, golly, how to choose just one. I’m minimalist as, I guess, and I’d rather have nothing for Christmas than a lot of too expensive presents I don’t need. I don’t mind things that I use and love, and I certainly beautify my space with all sorts of nonsense, but it’s all easily cleanable and I can change it out or repurpose it pretty easily. I’d rather have most of my sentimental stuff in sight (hung on the walls, etc) or easily accessible (in photo albums) than taking up space in shoeboxes and never getting seen. I guess that’s just me!

It’s a pleasure to nearly meet you all! Lol