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    Did you bleed the entire time @Kazza78? Did you get treatment after?

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    Default Bleeding 1st trimester pregnancy

    Quote Originally Posted by augieandaddie View Post
    Did you bleed the entire time @Kazza78? Did you get treatment after?
    No only a few days each pregnancy, but I’ve had it for years on and off . Are you doing pelvic floor exercises by any chance ? That will irritate . Also being constipated
    No never had treatment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augieandaddie View Post
    @Buffy0 I’m so sorry for your loss. It must have come as a complete heartbreaking shock to you. You prob didn’t get a chance to do the NEST testing? Were you able to find out what was the cause was? Again, I’m really really sorry. And it probably doesn’t make it any better knowing you are not alone. I thought after two positive scans at 7.4w and 9.4w, heard heartbeat at exam again at 10.6w would put me at ease but I know things can change in an instant, and the bleeding is a constant reminder. I asked about my fibroids at both of my scans... as they mentioned degeneration on my first but it didn’t seem to register with the Dr or the sonographer as a concern. But that was through my IVF clinic, and I have my first appointment with my shared care GP tomorrow and first appointment with the Dr from the hospital next week so hopefully they may be more helpful. I took a long time to schedule my appointments as I wanted to be sure the pregnancy was actually happening, and now it’s just delayed the NEST testing etc. It’s taken a long time to get this far, my first pregnancy at 39 after four full rounds of IVF and 6 transfers (two chemicals) so I don’t get many chances and feel like this is my one and only.
    Thank you... I’ve come to terms with it now and just trying to look forward to my next go. the hardest part was going to my friends twins first birthday a week later... thought I’d be ok, but only managed to stay for a couple of hours...which she fully understood. It was hard seeing so many toddlers around... I was a week away from having the nest test. Won’t find out results as to why until end of next week when I see my FS. I now know why so many people keep quiet about their pregnancies till at least 12 weeks.. I’d started to get excited and told a few people at work and then a week later it was over... won’t be making that mistake again... I have a fibroid too, but was told that it wouldn’t be a issue because if where it was... all the best and I’ve got everything crossed for you

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