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    Default Help with DD being too nice?

    So, I didn't really know what to call this post.. But basically I have a problem, well.. Not a *problem* as such, but something I'd love some insight and thoughts on.

    My DD is now 6 turning 7 .. She is creative, kind, warm, loving, generous, funny, and generally .. well, a super nice person. She follows the rules, does what she's told, and struggles to veer from "doing the right thing"... (I'm a single mum and she's an only child - however has a step brother she sees about 3 days a fortnight) We rarely argue, she doesn't really rebel or behave badly, and whenever I raise my voice, she usually does what she is told after a bit of coaxing.

    I'm not saying any of that is bad, but I am worried she's starting to be walked all over by some of her little friends at school, and basically just follows along simply by her lack of being able to speak up for herself or question things. She will honestly just do what ever she is told.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of maybe a "raising girls" style book, maybe a podcast, website, even parenting consultant, or if anyone has any advice on how to gently encourage my sensitive soul to step out of her shell a little..?

    It's hard to know how to encourage her to question things for the purpose of growth and understanding.

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    Steve Biddulph has a book called Raising Girls. I had the Raising Boys one when my DS was younger. Might be worth having a read through the girls one

    Good luck


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