I'm just at a loss how to settle a very unsettled baby. I have tried everything I can think of. This baby is fully formula feed my other 2 were breastfed and I can't believe how much I relied on my milk for everything!!

So I'm all over the 4th trimester thing he is in a wrap with me all day but still unsettled we have just moved him to another formula because maybe that's the issue. Tried infants friend but it doesn't look like he has wind, talking to the doctor today he thinks maybe silent reflux, but after coming home and "googling" I really don't think that's it. His exhausted the poor little thing he is so overtired. His hardly sleeping at all because his so upset. I've booked a midwife home visit who can hopefully work out what I'm doing wrong, but that's not until Monday and I can't see him this unsettled all weekend.

So hit me with all your baby settling techniques