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It definitely takes dedication. In saying that, when I did STEPS (bridging program) I was on campus and actually found it harder than doing it online at home. I was always stressed trying to get kids to school, run the household (hubby worked away when I first started) and do everything plus go to lectures on campus. I found online took a lot of the pressure off and the online lectures and tutorials seemed to be easier to absorb. Personal preference I guess.

Yes I will be going on to do midwifery, cqu offers it as a post-grad course for RNs as an online based course. I've already had a job offer at the local birth centre, which is my dream job so it's definitely helping my motivation!

I don't know about other unis, but we have heaps of facebook and Uni website based groups that you can score textbooks and resources secondhand for cheap, there are also scholarships that help with the costs of books etc. And websites like booktopia offer afterpay and some also have zippay so you can pay them off. And you don't need to buy every book at once either. It's recommended to us we wait until 2 weeks before the term starts to by the books we need for that term as the editions often change. The Uni library should also have copies you can source either in hard copy or as electronic resources too.
Yes I’ve been looking at booktopia but did manage to get 3 books that are needed and two shirts for $80, which was a bargain. They don’t seem to have the ones that are required for my course.
How long do you have left of your course given the time off that you’ll have? That sounds really awesome I’m sure that you’ll make an awesome midwife.
Local birth centre have ‘normal’ hours? Nothing like motivation.
I want to show my children that it doesn’t matter how old you’re you can always study and further a career or change careers. I don’t want to be just a worker.