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    I think it’s baby steps right now.
    She may want to get away. Can you offer a couch for a couple of nights? It’s not the same but she may want to be near family.
    I think about a big break up sometimes we just need room to breathe, room to talk, room to cry, room to sleep.
    Also discourage big life changing decisions until she’s had time to reflect and make decisions (rather than reactions) about her future.
    If they have a house together does she have to leave? If it’s rented can she stay and have a room mate move in? If it’s owned, can she stay until they work out what they’re doing? Does she have any close girlfriends who could come and stay with her for a couple of nights to just be there?
    Break ups are hard. No matter how well they’re managed or not. It hurts.
    Huge hugs for your DD it’s not going to be an easy time for a little while at least

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