Hi ladies,
Out of my 4 transfers so far, I got bfps with 2, but my hcg levels were very low and slow rising for both of these. I just assumed they were both chemicals.

My most recent transfer was this August, but this week I was rushed in for emergency surgery because of extreme pain and found out that it was actually an ectopic pregnancy. Luckily my tube is fine and I am greatful for that.

As my hcg levels for this transfer cycle were exactly same as my chemical last year, I am wondering if the one last year was also an ectopic which my body took care of itself.

This emergency surgery experience was horrible and now I am scared of as I am at high risk of ectopic pregnancy again.

Has anyone else had ectopic experience with IVF transfer? Were you able to have a successful pregnancy after that?

Is there anything I can try with my next transfer to avoid risk of ectopic?