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    Default Uni, stat test & personal competencies statement

    Hi, I have recently applied to study nursing at uni i will be sitting the stat test in November which i am nerveous about as i havent sat a test in a looong time lol but have been studying.
    i also need to write a personal competencies statement, which is where im getting stuck as im just not sure where to start with it or how to qord it, has anyone written one of these before? Im looking for examples so i can get an idea of what im actually trying to do and get started but only seem to be able to find UK ones

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    I'm sure you will be fine with your application. They are designed as alternate pathways so it's not like a high academic standard is expected, if you know what I mean?

    I treated my personal competencies statement much like a type of job interview, albeit one where you can go on about yourself for a longer period of time. Sum up your experiences that have drawn you to nursing, explain why you are passionate about the field and what you enjoy about caring for others. Just like introducing yourself and explaining why you would benefit from the course and how much you will gain from it. I remember citing anything from familial experiences growing up to childhood dreams and talking up how much I enjoyed personal research, reading etc.


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