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    Default Centrelink + Pregnancy Complications

    Hi everyone!!

    I am hoping to get some advice from anybody who has had complications with pregnancy and are applying for the parental leave. Basically my doctor is wanting me to stop working because of complications yet i have only worked 9/10 months I need to in order to be eligible.

    In saying this their is written special circumstances due to pregnancy complications will be taken into account and that you need your doctor and work to prove that if these complications hadnt happened then you would have still worked. The problem is I cannot even claim until next month and centrelink was less that helpful as to whether I will actually get approved so I'm trying to decide whether to try and do 8hrs/week for the next month at work or risk it and stop working hoping that they accept my claim.

    Has anyone been in a similar boat??

    Kind regards,

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    If your doctor has advised you shouldn't work, than I wouldn't work. Baby and your health is more important, but in saying that I know how stressful it can be trying to line everything up financially for after the birth.
    Perhaps you could supplement your hours by doing 8 hours a week from home. I run a little online store that takes up around an hour a day of my time and I qualified for PPL without an issue. Some people buy and sell things on ebay. All those count as work for profit and hours that are taken into consideration with your application.


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