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    Trouble with the dining room table is we have to pack it all up to eat and then it’s a fight to get him back up there and this is primary school - hate to think what year 7 homework will be like! I get the feeling he could get distracted anywhere

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    Mine are only in years 1 and 3, so we do it at the table when they get home. I imagine that as they get older, they will need more time and a quieter space, and both have desks in their rooms they could use. DD o my has reading to me and sightwords in year 1. DS has a chart with different homework tasks plus 20 mins reading. So he generally reads while I do DD's then I help him if he needs it with his. All up it mostly takes us about 30-40 minutes to do both. Not looking forward to there being more as they get older! They don't get home until 4 (on a farm so they catch the school bus) so time could be an issue!


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