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@possanda oh no! How are you & how is your health? Sending hugs 🤗 @Phia flash floods eeek! Starting solids sounds like a fun time.
What is everyone doing for baby’s first Christmas?

I ended up spending last week in hospital on IV antibiotics for mastitis. I’d had it for 2 weeks & ills weren’t working but I didn’t expect to end up there. Ethan is amazing, he’s dropped the 1am feed & is sleeping till 5am. He’s smiling & giggling which just melts my heart. When he does tummytime he moves his legs like he wants to crawl. After waiting for him for so long I feel so blessed & cant even describe how much I love being a mum.
Oh hon, what a rough ride with the mastitis!! Ouch!

Christmas I did buy Penelope an ornament with her name and year. She will definitely be dressed up in a novelty onsie. I made Xmas cards with her pic. A token pressie cuz she has no idea til about three. Will probably do Santa photo but older one is five and still scared of real life Santa, so it may throw a spanner in the works!