Hi everyone

We need to organise income protection. Previously we have gotten as far as getting quotes and then when it comes to filling out all of the paperwork and answering 2000000 questions DH gets really overwhelmed and doesn't proceed. It's all stuff I can't do for him either (conversation with adviser, medical history of family etc). He is just no good with paperwork, phone calls, emails etc. and usually I do this for him but in this instance I can't.

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a company that has a really easy intake process. I need to make this as easy for him as possible. We don't need a bells-and-all policy, just a basic income protection policy. No other insurances needed.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thank you.

ETA: Also I can't sit with him while he makes a phone call, we both have FT jobs and it's impossible for me to be with him during a phone call etc, I have tried to do this for 3 months but our calendars haven't aligned.