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    Default My baby smiles at everyone besides me

    My four 1/2 month old smiles at everyone besides me.. his father is his personal fave. I just feel so heartbroken.. I do all the hard yards every day with him and I don’t even get a smile or laugh. Dad walks in and his eyes light up for his papa. Just so unfair! Makes me feel like he doesn’t love his mummy at all. I know he does and I’m assuming dad is a bit of a novelty but I just feel like bub ignores me.
    Is this a thing? Is this common? I just want bubba to throw me some love!

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    Don't fret! It's completely normal to feel like you do all the hard work but barely reap any rewards. As your bub grows he will definitely start showing you more affection. And I know it feels like he isn't smiling for you, but it's most likely that he probably does and you miss it, or you don't think about it, or some other simple explanation.
    Before you know it, he will be going off to school where all the teachers will call him a perfect little angel but as soon as you pick him up he will turn into the raging devil child- all just for you! It's completely normal for all main care-givers to get this kind of treatment. Hang in there!


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