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    Hi. My dd3, 4th child, was our latest walker at 15m, while others walked by their 1st bday.
    She is now almost 20m, and walks funily. I have referred her to physio few months ago, and we finally got an app few days ago. Turns out she has hyperflexible knees and ankles, and that makes it a real effort fir her to balance standing and walking. She almost never trips or falls, but she tends to run as its easier to maintain balance.
    We got her special shoes with jnserts to try balance her ankles, to help her out. Hopefully it works.
    Did they check her hips, knees, ankles?

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    I understand why you are stressing. My son was 23 months...he just randomly took some steps one day when we weren't paying attention. The physio had said for awhile it didn't make sense. He should have been walking based on other things he could do and his muscle development. He was climbing play equipment, furniture and cruising. I just don't think he wanted to walk. No idea what made him try, so I don't have any tips for you, sorry! Just keep doing what you a are doing and hopefully it'll improve.


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