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    Default Anyone had FOLEYS?

    Hi Mums,
    Am expecting baby#2 next week, have GDM and GBS positive, been booked for ripening next week, using FOLEYS Catheter.

    Feeling anxious....i had a fall recently, fell “ballet flat” in the bath am ok but pelvic floor area muscles are extremely sore, internal examination hurted a lot!

    Would be really good to hear from your experiences about this ripening technique, are there any side effects?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I’ve never had one, but I do put in a lot of balloon catheters. Is it a single balloon or dual balloon catheter? I have a feeling a foley is a single balloon catheter - have been off work for 14months so I’m a bit rusty.

    No “side effects” as such given it is a ‘mechanical’ method of induction. The idea is that the water filled balloon will apply gentle pressure on your cervix to allow it to efface (thin) and start to dilate.

    Many women experience some discomfort that can be similar to period pain. It should only be mild though. If it is painful then it may not be placed correctly (ie sitting in the cervix as opposed to above it), or it may require some of the water to be taken out. We generally recommend our women go for a bit of a walk when it is first put in as sometime it just needs to settle. Heat packs can be helpful, as can some simple analgesia - panadol etc. It is normal to have some spotting/light bleeding after it has gone in as there can be some irritation to the cervix from the examination/catheter being passed through.

    I’m not sure what you mean by falling “ballet flat” but the more tense your pelvic floor is, the more discomfort you’ll have during the procedure. If you tense and clench everything it will just be more uncomfortable. You want everything to be as relaxed as possible. The person placing the catheter should be guided by your level of comfort/discomfort. If it is too much, ask them to stop so you can catch your breath. Sometimes pausing and taking some nice deep breaths and relaxing your bottom will make a huge difference. If it is something you’re worried about, can I suggest you practice some deep breathing/relaxation exercises in the lead up. Believe me, you’ll be grateful for it. The more tense you are the harder it is to place the catheter meaning it takes longer and is more uncomfortable meaning you’ll tense more and so on and so on.

    Depending on where you are having the procedure done, you may have access to gas and air. Sometimes just the tiniest whiff of gas is enough to help. Usually it’s effective because by breathing on the gas you have something else to focus on. We don’t even have our gas turned up that high usually, we use it more as a distraction tool.

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