Yes, you sound like me a few years back.
I'm in Melb, saw Nick, pretty much told me to get a surrogate. Saw Dr M, flew up there and got everything done as wanted to be thorough. Had LIT (Md M can see if it's working, didn't really make a diff with my husbands blood as so many matches including a full DQ alpha match) so asked Nick if I can use a friend to do donor LIT and he agreed. Did quite a few of this, just kept listening to Dr M and doing everything through Nick, so Ivig etc. and IVF, and now have a 3 year old that was our only PGD tested embryo that survived after a few full rounds.
Sorry I'm not on here ever, as I think we've completed our family as have 2 kids (1st one was natural, no drugs, secondary infertility). My advice to you is to Fly up and see Dr M, do everything he says, and use Nick to do everything in Melbourne. Trust me it's cheaper than a surrogate!!!