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    Default 5 year old sleeps 14 hours a day

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to update for those who replied.

    DH’s kids live with us now, they’ve been here for the last month. Step daughters sleeping issues are getting sorted, a lot of things that were happening at her grandparents house are coming out and I can see why her sleep was so bad.

    She was given an iPad to watch, basically from when she got home from school until she fell asleep and again back on it in the morning. She’s 5, she had the iPad and charger in her room. I can 100% see why the grandparents gave it to her, she is quite a difficult child who does whinge an awful lot, is very demanding and generally disruptive to the house and they gave it to her to placate her and make it easy on themselves. I can completely understand. They had two small kids to look after and they’re in their late 60’s and both work, they did what helped them get through the days.

    So step daughter would stay up on the iPad until she fell asleep, she was saying it could be as late as 11pm although she’s not very good at telling time, still she said it was way after everyone else was in bed. She was then up on it early in the morning around 5:30 to get ready for OSH Club before school. She would come to our house and sleep so much and after school when they did take the iPad off her she would just sleep.
    Since she has been at my house she doesn’t sleep after school but will sleep for about 2-3 hours on Saturdays and sundays and has fallen asleep at school, so sleep is still an issue. She goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 7:30, as I said in my thread about my step son, my husband is also taking the easy route and puts the tv on at 7:30 and they fall asleep in front of it. It’s very frustrating as my kids aren’t allowed to do that but he flies back to work soon so I’ll be changing what happens with the step kids then.

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