DD2 officially started kinder this week and loved it teacher said although she struggled to transition from task to task at times, overall had an amazing first day! So happy to hear that!! We had over app with our pead and he was really happy with how she is progressing and her speech and comprehension is beyond what he expected in 3 months!! Felt really good to hear that as I always feel we could be doing more for her. We still have lots of issues with her not focusing and not following instructions and all that makes us feel unsafe. We have been looking into little schools, an ABA therapy pre school program, however our pead is all for ABA but has concerns about if the children in her group are majority non verbal that she may regress and mimic that behaviour. He asked us to get some info on that and if the ratio of verbal to non verbal was on par then to go ahead but if it was mostly non verbal then he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. I am not sure what to do now as I thinks the life skills they teach at this school is so wonderful. Totally confused and not sure what to do. Any thoughts?