I'm new here. I had a D&C on Thursday to check everything is clear (it is) and am on my fifth day of Gonal F. We're TTC#2 after no luck for 12 months. It took three years for #1. We had a MMC at 11 weeks after a D&C and Ovarian Drilling, then got preg with bub (20months) three months after the D&C to finish that miscarriage. I weaned bub at 7 months on the advice of our old FS in the hope we'd get pregnant again quickly... and so regret it as 13 months later we are still trying... and I loved feeding him!

We're super hopeful that our recent 'spring clean', new FS and Gonal F will help with number two, but am a bit nervous about the ovulation induction and multiples... has anyone had any luck with Gonal F after a D&C and was it a single/multiple pregnancy? Just trying to get our heads around this!