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    Quote Originally Posted by missybear View Post
    Hi @Littlebit and congratulations on that beautiful heartbeat!

    I’ve doubled up for the next few days to try to get back up quickly. So far I’ve been doing four orally and two vaginally. I’m feeling good, though by my 3rd oral one yesterday I felt light headed like I was drunk oops, but I wasn’t driving so that’s ok and it passed within about an hour.

    Perhaps my levels aren’t as great as I had gone through the menopause and don’t produce natural progesterone levels like you other ladies?? I don’t know. A while back there was another lady on here who had been two years past menopause before getting her BFP in Greece, can anyone remember who it was??
    I don't think it makes a difference as the corpus lutium is the thing that produces progesterone after you ovulate. So anyone who doesn't ovulate or is on down reg won't have one either. It's just maybe your body doesn't absorb it that well vaginally?? I read a study on progesterone absorbtion which was very interesting. I wish I could remember where it was! Basically it said you should take it as many ways as possible to ensure proper absorption.
    Plus blood levels aren't always accurate as no one really knows how much is getting to the embryo. Hence the reason to keep up the pessaries they say it goes straight through to the embryo rather that going through the blood first.

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