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    Default Feelings sad

    I know I don’t interact much on this forum but sometimes I feel like it’s the only place where I can just say exactly how I feel. And I really do appreciate all the lovely people that reply

    I’m just having a rough weekend.. not really sure what triggered it but I’m so sad. I just miss my baby so much and I’d literally give anything in the world to hold her again and be with her again and hold her tiny little hands and cuddle her and never ever let her go.
    It’s been nearly 4 months since she passed and it’s been the quickest but longest 4 months of my life (don’t even know how that’s possible). She would be nearly 10 months old and all I keep thinking about is all the things she should be here doing... crawling, getting into things, laughing and just being here with us and being a family. I just can’t believe she’s gone.

    And I know I shouldn’t think about this stuff but I keep thinking about all the things I would’ve done differently... I would’ve taken a million more photos and there were times where I was so tired and just didn’t wanna get up through the night and i was just so sour about getting up but I SHOULDNT HAVE BEEN! And about 2 months after she was born I accidentally smashed my phone with all her newborn photos on it and I decided to replace it without trying to retrieve the photos on it and I regret that so much. I did have photos elsewhere, but I just wish I waited it out and got the photos.
    I know saying I should’ve done all these things isn’t gonna change and isn’t going to help my mental state but I just can’t stop thinking about it..

    I just want my baby princess back

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    I'm so sorry you are struggling with the loss of your beautiful Isla. Not having all the photos must be heartbreaking. Do you have photos on Facebook/Instagram or maybe your family/partner can share some?

    The would/should haves are so hard. Remember you were and still are a wonderful Mum. You did everything just right.

    Sadly there is far to many women on here who have similar experiences @Tainted, @sainsmum (?spelling). My darling was stillborn so have had similar feelings but can't begin to imagine your pain.

    Remember SANDS are wonderful and offer peer counselling from people who have also had a stillbirth or infant death.

    vent as needed and remember there is a whole bunch of wonderful women on here who will support and uplift you in anyway they can.

    Be kind to yourself!

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